How One Biochemist Prepper Reimagined Protein To Travel Light And Stay Strong Anywhere

Here at BugOutNutrition, it’s no secret that we are HUGE fans of using the top research in nutritional science to improve everyday survival and outdoors activities as well as SHTF preparedness. That’s why we were so excited when we heard this story.


Enter Ron

Ron is a biochemist that worked his way up through a series of companies building some of the most innovative technologies of the past 25 years. He’s currently a senior executive at a top 10 multinational which is why we are not allowed to use his name here, but rest assured the guy knows about technologies that won’t be in the public eye for decades.

He’s also a big outdoorsman. Growing up in New England, he always found himself in nature for an extended amount of time, whether it was hiking the mountains of New Hampshire, skiing in Vermont or going on long distance catamaran trips out of Boston Harbor. Bringing kits to fuel himself at a high level was something he quickly learned the importance of, and sought to perfect.

It wasn’t until he was introduced to preparedness in the early aughts that he started to use his biotech chops to make things better

There were some HUGE problems with the way most preppers were treating nutrition

If you’re a regular reader, you know about the “building blocks” of food – fats, carbohydrates and protein. Ron saw some major issues with the last one.

Three things are a must have for any survival food. It has to be shelf stable, it needs to “stand alone” in keeping you in peak health, and it needs to be portable.

Carbohydrates and fats passed those criteria easily. Rice lasts for years, there are no ‘essential’ carbohydrates, and if you need to you can sling it in a backpack and go. Oils can be treated to be stable??, it’s easy to select a balance of omega 3-6-9 to cover the essentials, and it’s light as a feather (shout out to Chris Nyerges bringing a bottle of salad dressing and eating greens in the forest).

But proteins, those weren’t so easy. Being a logical guy, Ron explained it to me with a diagram:

The Prepper's Dilemma

Ron dropped a bomb – 95% of preppers were in SERIOUS trouble because of their protein plan

Going through the top examples I quickly recognized that he was right

  1. Beans, bullets and bandaids– Some preppers seem to have this tattooed on themselves but it’s one of the most dangerous myths around. Ron pointed towards some of the humanitarian efforts in Africa that used legumes like beans and peanuts as a primary source of protein. The result was kwashiorkor, the fat belly disease you see in UNICEF commercials.The issue with legumes is that they are an incomplete source of amino acids, missing essentials like lysine. Many preppers talk about combining these with foods like rice but Ron reminded me that this was a staple of the diet that produced these diseases. Amino acids aren’t a box to be ticked, there are minimum requirements and plant based food sources just plain don’t cut it
  2. Salting/Curing and hunting– everyone has a friend that hunts that is confident that he could feed his family indefinitely with his rifle, bow or traps. There is one huge misunderstanding though – that option doesn’t last.Ron pointed to some historical evidence that was scary. Following the great depression, deer had to be reintroduced in the state of Tennessee because people who couldn’t find work literally hunted them to extinction. That was a fraction of just over 2.5 million people, can you imagine what would happen today? In the starvation in China’s Great Leap Forward, there were entire provinces that had completely lost their population of birds, which people would eagerly chase until exhaustion because they were so deprived
  3. Freeze dried food and animal husbandry – the people that Ron considered in the best shape from a nutritional perspective were the homesteaders that were able to keep herd animals alive indefinitely, and those that had large stockpiles of freeze dried animal proteins. No issues from a nutritional perspective there. What was risky though, is that having either of these paints a target on your back. Having stockpiles or a herd of animals SERIOUSLY limits mobility. Which means you have to dig in and be able to defend. Great if you have some firepower and fortifications, but dangerous for the little guys


The solution – designing the cadillac of survival proteins

As a scientist, Ron took this challenge and approached it from first principles. What is it that the body really needs from a survival protein? Essential amino acids.

Starting with the full profile of amino acids present in meat and other complete proteins, he worked backwards from daily requirements to create a balanced mix that would support health indefinitely in even the most strenuous of conditions.

Amino acids naturally come in a cystalline powder form and are inherently stable. However, most formulations contain components that help the powders flow and allow them to be pressed into tablets. Ron wanted to avoid these formulating agents and have a process that would only have the amino acids in the final formulation.  He wanted to do this to eliminate excess weight and provide the most concentrated format.

The solution was to create a pressed powder tablet with NO binding agents, coated with a microfine wax  for greater stability. But this introduced another problem – because of the lack of binding agents, he had to find a manufacturer that would ‘overclock’ the pressing machines to get the pressure needed for the tablet. He ended up finding a US manufacturer that allowed him to take out an insurance policy on the piece of equipment he needed and crank up the pressure.

Finally he had it – a shelf stable, complete source of protein that was more portable than anything available in nature or otherwise. One bottle could sustain an adult for a week.

Bringing the formula to the world

survivamino long

Ron’s story ends two years ago but since developing SurvivAMINO, big things have been happening. At the time of this writing, it has thousands of customers and over 280 reviews on amazon at an average of 4.7 stars. Doing a quick google search will yield rave reviews from some of the top bloggers in the space, and I’m told there are active duty military relying on it to supplement MREs in the field.

I was so impressed with the product that I wanted to share it with you guys, and was able to get a never before seen deal by partnering with Ron’s company, Vitality Sciences.

They have agreed to give a massive 50% discount to anyone who is looking to try out SurvivAMINO on Amazon. This is for a limited time and  the only way to get it is to ask them for it directly.

They will also throw in a free ebook on survival nutrition and a mini-email course on some of the facts we went over here. It’s really fascinating stuff.  I hope you can take advantage of their limited time offer.

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