One of Those Days

Hurricane Sandy

If you weren’t ready for Hurricane Sandy you aren’t right now. We often talk about grocery stores lasting three days but in the rush to prepare people have stripped them bare all along the East Coast. Chances are if you are living in the midatlantic you aren’t reading this blog post because you have left your house or have lost power. This is one of those days you will either thank yourself for all the prepping you did or curse yourself for not getting started sooner.

Mandatory bugging out

Low lying and coastal townships have already been evacuated. I read a chilling post about advice given to islanders who chose not evacuate during Irene; if you plan not to evacuate, write your social security number on your arm so they can identify the body. Bugging out is not an option and even the greatest city in the US, New York is being forced to evacuate.

Despite the urging of Mayor Bloomberg, many of the people ordered to evacuate the coastal areas of NYC are deciding to stay instead of evacuate to the 76 emergency shelters opened for the storm. According to this

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article, only 3000 people have taken up the offer. Whether the rest doubt the power of the storm or not, it may very well be too late to evacuate now. With conditions worsening it is almost impossible to travel.

Preparing for evacuations

Many preppers are more than equipped for evacuations such as these. A 72 hour but out bag, or better yet a 7 day bug out bag, is more than enough to survive some time in the shelter. While there are

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emergency staff and supplies, there are limitations both in response time and overall availability. While taking care of your family, there is no room to take chances.

Unfortunately the situation escalated very quickly. Planes have been grounded and the storm is too large to outrun by car. Those who are caught in the path would have had to make a move out days in advance or else risk getting trapped in a car instead of a hardened shelter.

Hoping for the best

Many people used to watching the chaos of hurricanes in the gulf will now witness the chaos first hand. People will see the inevitable looting in stores they drive by every day. Hurricane Sandy is going to make the reality of nature’s destructive side a bit more salient for all of us. The worst may be yet to come and our prayers should go out to those that are in the path of the hurricane. People will be hurt and property will be damaged.

We all have to look at this as a learning experience. For those who are safe in other parts of the world, let this event remind you of the importance of getting on the ball when it comes to prepping. If you were waiting for a rainy day, this is about as rainy as they come.

Stay safe everyone


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by JP Martin