Doomsday Preppers: Becky Brown

Doomsday Preppers Becky Brown

This segment of Doomsday Preppers confirmed one thing – everyone needs a friend who is a sniper. Me and my sniper friend would be like a post-apocalyptic buddy cop movie. He would be the super deadly cool under fire type and I would spout in with corny pop culture meta-references. I’d have the macros down to a science though… Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself.

1. Martial Law

Becky’s collapse of choice is a declaration of martial law by the US government. National Geographic summarily dismissed this possibility as something that could not happen in the United States but the historic context for declaration of martial law has resulted in some of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. The Great Leap Forward, resulting in as many as 30 million deaths, is one of the examples that comes to mind.

While many of us may feel protected by consitutional rights, legislature such as the national defense authorization act have changed the playing field. With the ability to treat domestic territory as a warzone, the government has the ability to declare martial law at any time in not so many words. We live in changing times and even the oldest rights may be challenged moving forward.

2. Bugging in – the right idea?

Fear of the government should go hand in hand with certain preparation skills. The major change that would occur under martial law is centralized planning of resources. This would mean your food is now our food. Unlike defending against looters, lethal force would not be appropriate in a government takeover, at least not in an urban area. If government take over is truly the reason for prepping, bugging out should be the main priority.

3. Sniping

Speaking of lethal force, possessing the skillset of a sniper is another asset that would be complemented by a bug out strategy. Sniping from a fortified location such as a house removes much of the threat of a sniper. Against a large force, if location was known, the sniper in question would be good as dead. However, take this out to somewhere in the woods, in

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a location well studied with a number of hiding places, and enough damage could be done to dissuade any would be looters.

4. Collaboration

Going back to the topic of collaboration from the other day, there was some good communication coming from Becky. Her teaming up with her sniper friend is clearly a win-win proposition. It was not shown whether her friend was preparing food store like Becky was, but supplies and the firepower to protect them go together like milk and cookies. Not to mention that companionship would go a long way from a psychological perspective if Becky decided to bug out to the mountains.

Educating her friends was another good play but could go awry in the event of a collapse. The friends interviewed stated that they were a bit overwhelmed which was understandable. From my perspective the whole demonstration seemed a bit staged. If they ended up being too scared to ever prep, Becky would have written herself a ticket for 3 more mouths to feed once the grocery stores ran out. Follow up would be key in a situation like this.


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by JP Martin

  • Becky Brown

    Great article, thanks for the intelligent review of my show!

  • JP Martin

    Thanks Becky! Great to see your feedback – keep fighting the good fight

    • Becky

      Thanks, JP, you too!

  • AJ

    This chick has no clue literally no clue. Doesn’t even know what martial law is… Matial law has Been established in places to date like New Orleans, it is good to be prepared but most people on this show don’t even undstand what they are scared of.

  • Becky, do you wasn’t to move to AZ?

    Move to Az

  • Bruce

    I think Becky is Great. I give credit for her efforts. Where are all the wonderful women like her. She is Gorgeous also. I am in love. WoW!!!!!

    • Becky

      Thanks so much, I appreciate it!

  • steve and claire ann morris

    Dont know you from adam but agree with you on the threat of martial law being declared at some point after our economy collapses. We are still headed directly in that direction. agree with bugging in as long as practicle allowing time to bug out when the time comes.wife and i are packed and ready when time comes.couple of suggestions. 1. find a place to bugout to that only you and our bugout partner know about. 2. after your sniper friend takes a shot, move location when possible before shooting again( from one sniper to another)..
    Personally, we are out manned and outgunned, so i have been asking God to help me fight well wnd die quickly when the time comes.Good luck and God bless and try to be a bit more secretive about your preps. steve and claire

  • Becky

    HI Steve and Claire Ann,
    Thanks for your insights and all the best with prepping, you are doing the right thing and everyone needs to adjust it for their right situation and needs. Also, keep praying!