Doomsday Preppers: Big Al

Doomsday Preppers Big Al

Big Al is bringing some Nashville flare to Doomsday Preppers with the first prepping song I’ve ever heard. Watch out people, once this hits the radio you’ll be lucky you beat the crowds to getting your supplies.

Russian Nuclear Apocalypse

Big Al is channeling the wolverines with his fear of a Russian nuclear attack. With all of the progress that has happened since the collapse of the Soviet Union the threat has been largely out of the media, and transitively the minds of the public. Regardless, Russia still possesses the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, outdoing even the United States with a total inventory of 10,000 warheads. What’s worse, the official policy of the Russian military all but affirms the possibility of using nuclear arms to prevent geopolitical pressure.

Bugging out

Big Al may have an impressive bunker, but there is a hole in his plan that is bigger than any he might have in his shelter. No matter how secure he may be from fallout in the bunker, he has 1800 miles of bombed out highway to cross in order to reach it. The amount of fallout that could be inhaled, ingested or otherwise exposed to could kill him before he hits the door.

Travelling this distance would be all but an impossibility. Even if he fortified a vehicle with lead plating and NBC

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filters in the air intakes, the ability to traverse the highways would be severely limited after any nuclear strike. Between damage from direct strikes on major cities, the amount of people trying to exit the cities would congest the highways beyond the point of being useful.

Big Al is confident in his ability to get out at a moments notice but he would need a privileged relationship with the pentagon to get out in time. Conservatively estimating he can go 60mph the whole way, he would be looking at 30 hours of driving. That’s more than a day straight with a lot of no-doz or at least two with time to rest in between. To be serious, he’s going to have to move from Nashville.

Staying Sane and Healthy Underground

Big Al is smart in knowing about the number one item on his bug out bag list. Without the ability to keep his body and mind in good shape, there is no point in having years worth of food. Wood chopping is a great start to Al’s prepping plans. The physical activity will make him stronger for his eventual 1800 mile trek and physical exercise also has the effect of improving insulin response.

The concept of psychological stress is one that is often overlooked by preppers. Going crazy in the event of a disaster happens all too often. Drilling for it is preparation on an entirely different level and it is rare to find people that do. In addition to doing dry runs in a bug

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out location, high stress situations such as martial arts sparring can be a great way to simulate tough times. It might also help to have a friend or two underground.



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by JP Martin

  • Mike

    Do something Americans. Get prepared for what ever may come your way. Work on a 72 hour kit, a simple first aid kit, and store some water and survival gear. Work on the simple things first and then take on the bigger jobs.