Doomsday Preppers: Bradford Frank

Doomsday Preppers Bradford Frank

Bradford Frank, or Dr. Doom as he is referred to by some of his colleagues, is another one of the doomsday preppers focused on the threat of a pandemic level event. After studying virology at Yale, he is convinced that the next killer flue is not a matter of if, but when. This is also an interesting segment as it pits Frank’s form of westernized prepping against the philosophy of his wife, a bonafide survivor of her own.

1. No need to leave the house

As a doctor, Frank has a plan

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that seems a lot more sound than the NBC suit stylings of Donna Nash. With infection from a flu coming from a distance of up to 6 feet, staying within the house is a much less risky strategy than attempting to brave the outside world for food. One of the biggest concerns Dr. Frank has is antibiotics, which he has used his position to stockpile. An option that would make more sense for those of us

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without a medical degree is buying pet antibiotics.

2. Rice – the perfect food?

Dr. Frank may be a qualified psychologist but with this comment it’s evident that he’s not a nutritionist. With his comment of rice being the perfect food, I have my doubts. Examples of people subsisting entirely on rice have ended badly in the past due to the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the grain. Frank claims that rice has protein in in, but this is minimal at 4g per cup. In addition, we know by now that all proteins are not created equal. It isn’t surprising to find out that rice has a very low utilization rate. While it may count as protein on the label, it’s likely that your body cannot use it very effectively.

3. Bugging out or staying in?

Dr. Frank was facing his biggest critic in the form of his wife, Narin. A woman from Cambodia, Narin had survived for months during the Khmer Rouge junta. Her style of survival during the period could only be compared to what western preppers would refer to as an extended bug out. She kept a low profile, scavenged for food and took shelter where she could. Like a pandemic, pains were taken to avoid people.

From this perspective, she doesn’t see a point in the bug in centered prepping that her husband is focused in. By learning to live off the land she is confident in being able to fend for herself in the worst of conditions. However, things are certainly different. Cambodia is a tropical rain forest, the sort of climate that supports abundant life. The Franks live in San Diego, an area with less wildlife and more people. They would have to be ahead of the crowd when it came to reaching an area.

In addition, knowledge of the local flora and fauna would be essential to survival. One wrong mushroom can end the best laid plans, and without knowing how to catch a fish or set a deadfall, getting ample protein would be more difficult than eating rice and saying prayers.


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by JP Martin

  • Debbie

    In light of the recent emergencies in the eastern states I think it’s pretty apparent that we all need some type of emergency kit or food storage. I recommend starting out simple. Put a 72 hour kit together for each member of your family. Then store your water consumption for a week. This can be done by simply filling 2 liter bottles of water. As far as an epidemic goes medications and a excellent first aid kit is a must. Knowledge is key. Be informed. Don’t think it can’t happen to you because it can.

  • Red Rabbit

    Poor Narin.

    She escaped the Khmer Rouge only to end up married to that idiot. She said they’re financially stressed; Bradford is spending so much time and money preparing for something that probably won’t happen that he’s neglecting the world he actually lives in. And is neglecting his wife and daughter. I’d rather be dead from bird flu than to have to live the way Bradford does.

    • Gypsey

      I agree he is a nutter, should be seeing a psychiatrist himself. He made a comment that he was actually pleased that he was car jacked by people with guns so that his family can see that bad things happen. What a crazy thought. His poor wife and daughter really feel sorry for them.

  • Lamont Cranston

    Bradford Frank, M.D., psychiatrist, had his medical license revoked in the 1980s in Connecticut for having a continuous sexual affair with his adult female psychiatric patient, Ms. Reale.