Doomsday Preppers: Bruce Beach

Doomsday Preppers Bruce Beach

Many survivalists think of themselves, but Bruce Beach is prepping for the children. He hopes to save future generations with his underground school bus fallout shelter. He also has some pretty good tips for any other aspiring doomsday preppers.

1. Nuclear war: in first two years: lack of food, plagues, exposure, social disturbance

With knowledge of the major nuclear targets in the US as well as the patterns of the gulf steam Bruce is certainly on to something. A nuclear attack on the US would leave a huge swath of fallout moving from the pacific northwest through the breadbasket and up over the great lakes straight through to the north pole. If you live in any of these areas, nuclear preparation is definitely something you should consider.

However, it isn’t just the consequences of fallout that Bruce is worried about. With radiation over the fields of the country, power failure due to the EMP aspect of nuclear weapons, and the lack of infrastructure due to the chaos, there is a siginifcant threat for people getting food. And as we know, when people get hungry they will get crazy. Because of this, Ark II is designed not only for a nuclear strike but also to be self sufficient following the collapse of society.

2. Ark II – the materials

Ark II is made up of 42 schoolbuses underground, covered in 18 inches of concrete and 14 feet of earth. Consulting the fallout material charts would indicate that this is more than sufficient to protect from radiation. Schoolbuses seem to be right up there with shipping containers in terms of affordability – a figure of $300 was given on the show although you would be hard pressed to find a vendor at that price. Multiplying that by the amount he has and you have a figure of $12600 – not bad for a complex that can sustain hundreds of people.

3. Go away kits

Bruce is dedicated towards saving the children, but anyone else that comes to his door can take a hike. He has ‘go away’ kits planned out for the possible moochers who will show up on his doorstep. I am not sure if I agree with this methodology. In a post apocalpytic world – people will act in a way to maximize their rewards. Give some people an inch and they’ll take a foot – especially when they’re hungry or their friends are dying of radiation poisoning. There is no defense to be spoken of within Ark II besides the blast doors and iron grates. Call me cynical, but exposing oneself to give away supplies is an invitation to get overtaken.

4. Family building

According to another segment on Bruce, members of the community are being offered spots within Ark II if they choose to help out in it’s construction. Regardless of race or creed, the doors are open to anyone who is willing to put in a bit of work. This is the kind of community outreach that makes sense. In return to risking the knowledge of his shelter being out in the public, Bruce will have help in constructing it.


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