Doomsday Preppers: Derek Price


Derek Price is reminiscent of Gus Fring from Breaking Bad. The kind of guy with the brains to run a business and hide ulterior motives in plain sight. That is of course, until he showed his plans on national television.

Good Publicity? Or a Bonehead move?

Derek should have really taken the time to read my article on prepping in secret before deciding to go on Doomsday Preppers. Let’s take a look at the possible pros and cons of this appearance.

There are a few advantages for appearing on the show. As a business man, being featured on TV may give awareness to Deadwood. More business translates to more preps.

However this is a double edged sword. The general population might not take so kindly to an amusement park that they now know is designed with killzones in mind. Moreover, the subterfuge of hiding in plain sight is now over, once the bomb drops everyone

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with a TV and a tourist attraction map is going to know exactly where to find a fat stash of food and a defensible location.

I’m curious to see what the net effect on profits would be. However unless they are enough to hire a personal army to defend against the hungry droves who now know where the food is, the verdict is: bad call.

Sustainable fuel sources

Derek has one of the best biodiesel rigs we have seen on the show thus far. His advantage is owning an actual restaurant. Unfortunately, it becomes a bit problematic to stockpile fuel as biodiesel is not particularly stable. With a shelf life of roughly 6 months it would be difficult to stockpile even with prudent rotation.

There is a biodiesel train in the mix but it would be inteeresting to see a biodiesel tractor or forklift on the scene. If the worst came to a head before he was ready, construction could continue, or impromptu barricades of dirt could be set up.

Defensive Perimeter

Speaking of barricades. there is a very interesting multi-stage approach. The bamboo that Derek has planted around Deadwood can serve as a versatile and incredibly renewable building material. Bamboo has been reported as growing as fast as 39″ in 24 hours depending on climate. If only it was edible…

In addition to the punji pits (which I’m sure will bring the potential customers flocking to Deadwood), bamboo can be used to fortify existing perimeter defenses and make some interesting traps such as deadfalls. When not hunting the most dangerous game, these could be used to set up a way to harvest

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wild game.

With a bit of elbow grease and some google-fu,

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Derek could be on the road to adding some meat to his stores. Considering his flavor of the apocalypse (EMP) aboriginal skills are a particularly helpful skillset.


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