Doomsday Preppers: Jeremy and Kelly

Doomsday Preppers Jeremy Kelly

Jeremy and Kelly are one of the most intelligent couples on Doomsday Preppers precisely because they don’t divulge their last name. While it’s probably pretty obvious to people in the neighborhood, it will be tough to hide a military truck in the suburbs. Especially when it’s bigger than your house…

1. Hot Tub Water Supply

If you

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have been waiting for an excuse to drop a few thousand on a hot tub, now you can do it in the name of survival! With 450 gallons of water available for storage, this is enough water to provide hydration for the better part of a year. Before anyone gets too excited though, it isn’t as easy as the show would have you believe. If any of you are running out to grab some hot chocolate mix to make some cocoa like Jeremy and Kelly, read this first.

The most dangerous part of drinking hot tub water are the potential bacterial and organic conaminants. While hot tub water is generally safe from being contaminated through the high levels of chlorine and temperature, in a grid shutdown these can become compromised. If stockpiling for a long period of time decontamination is necessary. Any sort of filter that could be used for backpacking could be used. Alternately there is a process gaining traction in Africa called flocculation in which particles are bound together into large clumps and then filtered out with regular cloth.

2. Enter The Beast

In a ridiculous twist of fate Jeremy was able to purchase a decommissioned 2 1/2 ton M35 cargo truck for the bargain basement price of $3500 dollars. I think this is a point worth discussing because it’s something that has come up a lot. Many times we preppers take pride in our frugality. But without the ability to drop $3500 dollars in one sitting, Jeremy would have never gotten the vehicle that forms the basis of his bug out plan. Pursuing financial stability and saving is important when it comes to affording the preparation we need.

3. Alternative fuel sources

One of the most interesting things about the beast is the fact that it can run on almost any fuel source. With Jeremy and Kelly’s focus on peak oil, alternative fuel sources are a key part of his disaster scenario. We have seen other preppers on the show focused on alternate fuel sources such as biodiesel. The unfortunate thing about gasoline is that in addition to being very dependent on infrastructure to reach your pump, it is difficult to stockpile because of it’s short shelf life.

Motor oil, in comparison, can last up to 10 years and with the filtration in place can filter out any sediment that may form from being in one place for so long. Given the current prices at the pump it’s also advantageous to be stockpiling a fuel source that could probably be had for pennies on the dollar if not free.

A final tactical advantage that the beast has is being able to push other cars out of the road, or travel without a road. With the predictions of clogged highways this is an essential asset to any road based bug out plan



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by JP Martin

  • Debbie

    I still don’t think my husband would drop a few thousand dollars for a hot tub because of its potential to store water in case of an emergency. I guess I will have to come convince him for some other reason.