Doomsday Preppers: John Adrain


John Adrain is in line with some of the principles of bugout nutrition, including the danger of crowds following any collapse and the necessity of dissuading potential looters. As an inventor, he has both the resources and know how to develop one of the most advanced form of protection we have seen on Doomsday Preppers . Using an array of technologically sophisticated defense systems, he is effectively a one man defense team for himself and his stockpiles.

Where’s the power?

Before addressing any of the technological marvels in John’s security systems, there is the serious issue of dependence on power. At no point in the show was there any mention of any sort of renewable or redundant power supplies that would be keeping John’s automated defenses on.

While John prefaces his segment by stating he is ready for social chaos resulting from any number of disasters, social chaos itself could result in the power infrastructure collapsing. This is without going into EMP attacks, natural disasters affecting power lines or economic turmoil leading to the grid failing. If there is looting at the supermarket, it will be a rare man in the power industry who doesn’t want to go home to protect his family.

Keeping a gas powered generator is the minimum of preparation that needs to be done for John to make use of his defenses. Even better than this would be a renewable source of energy like solar photovoltaic, wind, or geothermal depending on the terrain.

Technological defenses

John has an impressive array of defenses if his power does hold up. These include a military grade tilt gate, layers upon layers of security cameras, and a burglar blaster peppers spray device. The tilt gate keeps John’s property safe from vehicles full of attackers, although in the event of a power outage would prevent him from escaping by vehicle. His security cameras allow him to prevent any would be attackers from taking the element of surprise. Finally the pepper spray device is designed to automatically disperse a mist of pepper spray which could fill a room for a number of hours, preventing unequipped attackers from breathing or opening their eyes.

Going Old School

In addition to the technological defenses, John has built a veritable castle of a home. In addition to being relatively secluded from the populous areas of the city, it is built on great terrain. Built with one side on a cliff face, there is a choke point forcing most intruders to one side. His house is built of solid materials

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and even the weak points are fortified. His windows are sporting the same type of glass used on embassies.

Rounding off the traditional defenses are a rifle which takes .50 caliber Beowulf rounds and a number of dogs. Like many other forms of preparation, practice is key with these. A high caliber weapon like the Beowulf Piston rifle pictured in the segment is difficult for even experienced shooters to handle due to the massive amount of recoil. In addition, regularly drilling attack dogs is essential to keeping them sharp.



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