Doomsday Preppers: Josh Wander

Doomsday Preppers Josh Wander

Kosher Food Supply

Along with Wilma Bryant, Josh is the second person on this season of Doomsday Preppers to be planning his food supply around special constraints. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and situations like this can create some pretty interesting solutions that anyone can use for their preps.

Unfortunately the process has not been efficient. Josh has taken over 2 years to find only 3 months worth of stable kosher food supplies for his family. With special concerns for a food plan, lead time is even more important.

So far, the food supply has consisted of Kosher MREs, designed for orthodox Jewish soldiers and kosher classics like Matzo bread. According to Josh, these can keep for up to two years.

Matzo for months?

While this may be possible, there are a number of downsides to eating a diet consisting entirely of bread. First, having a consistently high percentage of carbohydrates will be very damaging to the body’s insulin sensitivity. This can cause metabolic derangement, diabetes, and a whole host of other fun things.

Second, kosher or not, there is a much higher risk for mycotoxins with grains kept in silage for any time. And finally, there has been evidence

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that eating large amounts of gluten can inhibit your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals like iron, B2 and C.

Josh said he was willing to break his kosher habits as allowed by the Torah for a matter of survival. His colony of rabbits is a prudent measure. Keeping a renewable food source on hand is something best learned in peaceful times. Maybe he can feed all the matzo to them…

Psychological Response

One of the most interesting parts of the segment was Josh’s knowledge of psychology. Coming from Israel, a place where terrorist attacks are common, he has a better point of view than most. While preppers may talk about how prepared they are all day long, while the rubber hits the road there are many who will literally freeze.

There is some very interesting work along the same lines by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman. According to him, the majority of soldiers at war never learn to discharge their weapons. There is a distinct urge not to harm others in many of us. The percentage of those willing to do so roughly reflects the percentage of people in the civilian world who have sociopathic tendencies.

Preparing the mind

So what are we to do? Aside from actually getting real life combat experience, drilling like Josh has been doing is the next best thing. Being able to act in the moment under pressure does not need to be limited to firing a gun or rescuing someone. One of the key benefits of martial arts is being able to get used to nerves like this. In addition, getting volunteer work such as first responder training can help acclimate your mind to stress without changing your career.



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by JP Martin

  • Josh Wander

    Excellent points!

    Keep in mind that “reality TV” is NOT reality!

    We never intended to survive off of Kosher MRE’s and Matzah, if that is the impression you got from the show.

    We have a balanced diet which includes LDS canned products and Kosher dehydrated and freezes dries foods. (which you can find on our site)

    We also have self-sustaining plans which includes, gardening, animals and bees.

    Thanks for your article and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!

  • Mike

    Thanks for clarifying. We all need a balanced diet or we won’t survive.