Doomsday Preppers: Mike Mester

Doomsday Preppers Mike Mester

Mike Mester is a logistician with an uncanny ability to store food efficiently (pun INTENDED). In addition to training his family he is the first person on Doomsday Preppers to display interspecies preparation, with an army of dogs that would make Cesar Millan blush.

1. Civil Unrest

Mike is preparing for civil unrest due to a global economic collapse. While I have gone into the likelihood of a complete economic collapse in the past,

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the notion of preparing for civil unrest is a form of prepping that catches a lot of different scenarios within it. The human element is one of the most unpredictable aspects of a disaster scenario and regardless of what happens, if the infrastructure goes we will have three days worth of food in the grocery store.

2. “Five minutes before the prom is not the time to learn how to dance”

One of the best quotes from the show and something that Mike has exemplified in over a decade of prepping. Slow and steady is the best way to go for most preppers, it’s a lot easier on the budget to prep over time and consistency can breed good habits. Mike has used his knowledge of warehousing logisitics to set up three rooms of supplies, enough for 2 years for 10 people.

One problem about the set up going on is that Mester is showing little regard for the shelf life of his foods. While there is a difference between expiration dates and what can sustain life, there is no reason to tempt fate and let one’s meatloaf rot in jars. Food reaching the end of its life could be rotated out, keeping the stores fresh. Kellene Bishop had a great method of doing this and if implemented it could prevent a major shock if food thought to be stable was not in edible condition.

3. Family defense

It was great to see how prepared the Mester family was when it came to self defense. Getting each and every member of the family armed and ready to defend themselves is miles ahead of some of the other preppers we’ve seen who rely on one or a few members to defend the group. With downtown Atlanta only 45 miles away, looters could be on their doorstep in weeks if not days.

The addition of attack dogs is also a great line of defense against both armed and unarmed potential raiders. The intimidation factor of dogs is an intangible way to get looters to stay clear. Even in a group of people, no one wants to be the first person to get their forearm chewed up. If things got violent, it

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is also better to lose a dog than a family member if the worst were to happen. Overall it is a great line of defense and the addition of 10 puppies makes it even better.

4. Fuel Briquettes

Mike has a great idea in the form of newspaper/foliage briquettes that can be used as a fuel source for fire. As someone living in Canada I can’t see why he would be concerned with keeping the house warm in Georgia but it’s a cool tip nonetheless. The fact that the idea came from third world countries is interesting, the methods many people in those conditions use do not require infrastructure and thus can be very useful to preppers.


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