Doomsday Preppers: Preston White

Doomsday Preppers - Preston White

1. Fukushima radiation

Preston is worried about the effects of radiation from the Fukishima reactor meltdown reaching the west coast of the US, where he lives. There has

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been extensive modeling done on the currents within the ocean and radiation hitting the west coast is only a matter of time. Strange debris, such as a concrete dock which washed up on the Oregon coastline recently is only the most visible part of this: within the water there are millions of irradiated molecules, with millions more flowing into the ocean from rivers near Fukushima.

The effects of radiation are well known to anyone who is prepared for a nuclear disaster. Fallout in its most intense form can cause death within days, but over time there are a different set of threats. While acute radiation will cause fever, vomiting and death, low doses of radioactivity can cause birth defects and cancer (usually thyroid) over time.

2. Seed bank

Preston’s survival strategy revolves around becoming self sufficient with his food production. With radioactive isotopes such as cesium and plutonium floating around in the pacific from runoff in Japan, he fears that there is a tide of nuclear rain headed towards the west coast. Indeed, this is an accurate prediction as radioactive rain has been

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detected in Los Angeles at levels up to 5 times of what is normal. With radioactive rain seeping into the groundwater, they would be eventually picked up by normal crops and accumulated within the body.

3. Tent greenhouses

Preston’s plan does not seem to be one of surviving a societal collapse but merely protecting himself and his town from the effects of irradiated food. His idea of collecting different kinds of seeds comes off as a bit stamp-collector-ish to me but if it’s giving him what he needs to survive, more power to him. In order to protect his crops from taking in radioactive rain he is erecting a set of tent greenhouses. These have an advantage over conventional greenhouses in the sense that they can be moved very easily if the need arises.

However, if moving is on Preston’s mind it might just be easier to move across the country. While discussing plans to move into a mobile home to more easily be able to bug out, Preston might be better suited in moving to an area with fertile land that isn’t located next to an ocean full of radioactive isotopes. Just a thought.

4. Defense

Seeing Preston’s focus on a small amount of firearms is a welcome relief from the doomsday preppers that have shown stockpiles of hundreds of weapons for a single individual. By focusing on 3 or 4 firearms, Preston will be able to consolidate his ammunition stores, practice more with each and know the inner workings of how to clean and repair his guns much better than if he had a crazy armory.


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by JP Martin

  • Preston

    “moving to an area with fertile land that isn’t located next to an ocean full of radioactive isotopes” – I live in Colorado and want to move further from the west coast but have too much family here.

    Thank you for the neutral comments and the point of showing the firearms was not to have too many but just enough. Since the show Fukushima has become much, much worse with some of the highest levels of radiation in Tokyo occurring may, 2013.

    Chernobyl was contained within weeks and yet Fukushima has gone unabated for 2 years at 100 times the level of strength compared to Chernobyl for one week. Scientists have predicted the pacific ocean will be dead within 10 years.

    I did the show so others would see the importance of collecting seeds and we all should take heed at how the EU is moving quickly to outlaw organic, heirloom natural seeds from public use.

    I say this to people and say it here: Once heirloom seeds are outlawed and only GMO seeds are legal to use; one day those GMO seeds will never arrive and the world will be faced with starvation. Quickly fulfilling Henry Kissinger’s dream of using food as the ultimate weapon.

    • JP Martin

      Thank you for the comment Preston. Do you have any resources for the ongoing legislation in the EU? I would be very interested

      • Preston

        Nothing more than what you can find on the net. The bill in question, (where at the EU, UN) has been sent back many times to re-adjust and exclude small back-yard farmers. That’s great but what is at stake is more than your back yard. Once they control what any large scale farmer can use then one day the seeds will never arrive and the world is faced with starvation.