Doomsday Preppers: Robert Earl

Doomsday Preppers Robert Earl

Robert Earl has bought Al Gore’s message on global warming hook line and sinker and has decided to move out to the badlands of Texas in order to avoid the rising tides. Unlike some other folks seen on Doomsday Preppers, he is not available for comment on Kevin Costner films. How does he survive on a budget in an area with almost no water at all?

A Rising Sea level 

Technically, we are still living in an ice age today due to the amount of glacial ice that still exists on Greenland and Antarctica.  As these gradually melt, the sea levels rise and have been for thousands of years since the ice retreated from northern America and Europe. However, the rate has been expanding. According to leading researchers, the average rise was fairly constant at around 1.7mm per year. However, in the time between 1993 and 2009, this rate almost doubled to about 3.3mm per year.

While this may not seem like much, the impact is huge on low lying and coastal areas, which contain much of the world’s population. It has been estimated that a rise of only 200mm could destroy the homes of 740,000 people in Nigeria. Imagine where those people would go looking for food.

Smoke house

The concept of a smokehouse is critical to anyone who plans to eat an adequate amount of protein in a post-collapse world. Prior to the invention of refrigeration, the only methods for storing meat over an extended period of time were smoking and salt curing. While we have already gone over the basics of how salt protects food, it is worth going into the mechanism of how smoking preserves meat.

Smoking meat is all about the natural oils and saps within the wood, or whatever is used. During the process of burning, these are released into the air and coat whatever the smoke reaches over time. This creates a thin layer that locks bacteria and other contaminants out while simultaneously cooking the food. If done properly, the resulting food can be stored in a well maintained storeroom for up to a year.

For anyone who is interested, there are some great resources available to learn how to smoke meat properly on the internet. The type of wood selected is very important for health and safety reasons, most lumber used for building has protective chemicals that would be very bad to eat. There is also the culinary aspect, just because we’re prepping doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some tasty eats.

Night Soil

In lieu of being able to buy fertilizer, Robert has opted to use his own waste to provide his garden with the nutrients his plants need. The practice of using night soil, as it is called, has been used for thousands of years. However, there are certainly a number of best practices which need to be followed as there are some significant health risks. Cholera, dysentery and parasitic infections can be caught from eating food raised on night soil. The proper way to prevent this is by composting, which can reduce detectable parasite eggs by up to 99.8%


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by JP Martin

  • Lux

    And now for something actually practical.


    I made few really simple sprouters out of 2 plastic stackable cups and a lid from a jar of instant coffee. You get more than enough sprouts in one set up in 3 days to double the volume of a can of progresso soup. So with 3 you can have a batch of sprouts every day. I have made sprouts from several beans / seeds such as lentils (10 years+ old) mung beans, black eyed peas, garbanzo beans etc (I don’t like pinto beans):

    You get more than enough sprouts in one set up in 3 days to double the volume of a can of progresso soup. So with 3 you can have a batch of sprouts every day. This is probably one of the most important things a prepper can do to make sure they have enough food. Buy lots of sprout able beans and seeds and have a way to sprout them. Dehydrated foods become bigger when you re-hydrate but there is a limit. After that limit is hit you are just watering down dehydrated food, With sprouts, they are dehydrated to the limit in about 12 hours. After that they grow. So you potentially get a lot more food with sprouts than with other dehydrated foods. A few cubic feet of mung beans and lentils is a massive amount of food. The point is to have enough of what you really need so you don’t have to scavenge. You may still have to at some point but I would feel a lot better if I new I had done due diligence ahead of time.


  • Mike

    Meat can also be stored for an extended period of time without refrigeration and without smoking by freeze drying. I think it is a good idea to have some freeze dried meat on hand in your food storage to provide a supply of protein.