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Steven and Tom Perez are partners in crime, for better for worse. This isn’t the first time on Doomsday Preppers we have seen misfortune on the screen and it probably won’t be the last. But aside from the sensational television on this episode, there are some great lessons to be learned from this segment.

Lessons from the Goat Slaughter

The cooking of the goat showed an important prepper lesson about nutrition. Like the Native Americans who used to roam this land, Steven eats every part of the goat. From a point of maximizing the amount of calories that can be extracted for a kill, every edible part must be used. But there are some really interesting nutritional aspects to eating organ meats.

Liver, for example, is a rich source of high quality protein and one of the best sources of vitamin A known to man. Tongue and heart are a great source of copper and iron and other organ meats such as kidneys and sweetbreads are a great source of B vitamins, and minerals like selenium and phosphorus.

Another way to get good mileage on a kill is to turn the carcass into bone broth. This will make a tasty stock which is great from a flavor perspective, but has a great nutritional purpose as well The marrow of the

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bones contains a great amount of collagen, a structural protein which is responsible for the elasticity of your skin and joints. Including collagen has been recommended for everything from recovering from joint injuries to preventing arthritis to maintaining healthy skin.

Radiation Safety

One of the most important things about the partnership between Tom and Steven is complimentary resources. Tom is bringing the food and shelter while Steven is bringing expertise in the form of his training as a Radiation Safety Officer.

Like Greg Rogers, Steven understands that skills are one of the most important things to have in the event of a collapse. What is the value of his skillset? Apparently enough to get an equal claim to the $2 million the Tom invested in the Alamo

Geiger counters are apparently very difficult instruments to operate. While many preppers speak about being ready for a nuclear disaster and may even have a geiger counter. For anyone looking to pick up a valuable skillset, radiation worker training is a widely available certification course.

Training Children – contrasts

Steven’s daughter Victoria is shown being taken to the range for the first time in the segment. In stark contrast to Tom’s children, she does not take to shooting whatsoever and comments that it is probably the last time she will do it. What is the difference between them?

Tom’s children were raised with guns from as young an age as possible. They do not know a life that doesn’t involve shooting. Victoria, to contrast, has had time to be conditioned by society to what is normal for a girl her age. Getting her to like guns is then an uphill battle.

Regardless, she is training with high caliber ammo by the prepper update so Steven must be doing something right.




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