Doomsday Preppers: Tom Perez


Without spoiling the episode, Tom Perez has one of the most dramatic turns on doomsday preppers. While less seasoned viewers will see his segment as great reality television, Tom has a very impressive prepping situation from a nutritional and tactical perspective.

Bug out first

Unlike some of the urban preppers featured on the show, Tom and his family stick to a strict ‘bug out first’ policy. They do not bother investing in equipment for the house aside from bug out bags and what they can carry. A wise plan considering the amount of social chaos which can happen from a destabilizing event like a terrorist attack.

Fortification has been focused exclusively on ‘The Alamo’, located hundreds of miles away from urban centers in Bracketville, Texas. In accordance with their bug out plan, there are 3 redundant routes in case traffic is jammed. Johnny O would be proud.

The layers of security are also redundant. There is a 7ft tall barbed wire fence surrounding the property and the family has been readily trained. Tom’s kids have been practically born with a .22 in hand.

Deep supplies

Contained within the Alamo, Tom has an impressive store of supplies including 46000 bullets and years worth of food. What’s more interesting is that in addition to these supplies, he has the ability to reach into sustainable sources of food and water as well. It has the potential to be a truly hybrid approach.

The Alamo is located on the edge of the Chihuahua desert. Unfortunately, there is not much of an ecosystem to produce biomass for food. Given that the Perez family and their friends are a relatively small group and they have some significant acreage, foraging is a viable option.

There are a number of edible plants which can be found in desert environments. Cactus fruit such as the prickly pear

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are a great source of vitamin C and magnesium. Flowering plants such as sunflower can produce edible seeds which are a great source of edible fat, easy to store and contain a great amount of fat soluble vitamins like A and E

Groundwater supply

Without a doubt, Tom has the best supply of water seen on Doomsday Preppers, located on the Edwards Aquifer in northern Texas. He has large tanks, but with a maximum capacity of 10,000 gallons per day it’s barely relevant.

Groundwater supplies are very interesting because they are naturally purified by sediment to an extent. However, this can vary widely between wells, which are not regulated by the EPA unless they are public. If planning to use a private well, testing should be conducted for safety. In addition, if you are in the market for land it might be a wise idea to consult your local water tables.



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by JP Martin

  • bobby

    sorry but this guy is full of it i am a master survival instructor. those guy had never had a gun fired around him. the first time he did was on tv and then he peed his pants puked and said he lost his hearing. what a little sissy my god he just wants attention. any idiot that listens to any bull this guy says you are in for a world of hurt. look up reputable survival school or instructors listen to them not this idiot