Are Preppers ‘Socially Selfish’?


There are those who think the Doomsday Preppers is an extreme model of self-preparedness; I just see them as an extreme model of selfishness.

There has been a debate raging across the internet over the past few days over prepping. Emergency Manager Valerie Lucus-McEwen recently posted that she believes that preppers are selfish for focusing on themselves in the pursuit of emergency supplies for disasters. Does it make any sense?

Myth #1: Prepping for oneself prevents prepping the community

The central point of this article was that preppers spent too many resources on themselves and not enough on the community. Many beg to differ. By depending on the government in the event of a disaster – you are creating a burden on the system. Prepping for yourself or your family is doing your part to remove strain from the system.

Myth #2: Self-defense is not altruistic

In a rebuttal to many of the responses the original article garnered, Valerie posted a second article earlier today in an attempt to clear the air. In it, she did a great job of scrambling to create an arbitrary distinction between emergency preppers and doomsday preppers. Part of this distinction involved the amount of arms and ammunition that the people on the show were shown to have.

When the shtf, people are going to get crazy. People who have guns are going to have guns, and your choice to arm yourself or not will determine whether they have absolute power over you or are kept in check. People with training in firearms and a level head on their shoulder are a major asset to any community hoping to defend itself. In addition, preppers are the least likely to use their weapons for stealing – why steal what you already have?

Myth #3: You can help others without helping yourself

Remember the last time you took a flight? There are instructions read by millions of people taking planes every day to prepare for an emergency when it comes to oxygen masks. The instructions are very clear: makes sure to adjust your own mask properly before you begin to help others. This is the central logic behind a disaster plan that everyone is forced to read and yet it is the same line of thinking that is condemned by Mrs. Lucus-McEwen.

There is no way you will be able to take care of your family if you cannot take care of yourself first. And it is a rare person who can take care of strangers when their family needs help first. Without supplies, you will be starving in three days once the grocery store shelves are cleared. Like a person without oxygen, you are useless when it comes to helping people out if you yourself are not

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by JP Martin

  • Mike

    When someone preps for themselves this only helps the community. Everyone should be responsible for themselves. Isn’t that what all parents work towards while they are teaching and raising their children. Why should it be any different in an emergency situation. We should all be fiscally responsible and do what we can do first. Too many people think someone else should take care of them. This is why our country is in so much trouble.