Emergency Supplies: Nesco FD-75A


This is the first in a series of posts of consumer reviews on some common items you might want to come across in your pursuit of the perfect prep. Now I’ll be the first to admit that even though I am a blogger, I am nowhere close to perfect when it comes to my preparation plans. I have emergency supplies which I am purchasing all the time. In hopes of making it easier on anyone who is going through the same process, I’ll be writing reviews. Good, bad or ugly you’ll be hearing about what happens with these products.

So without further ado, the Nesco FD-75A

Ordered this beauty off of amazon a few weeks ago with some extra money I had on a gift card. It came in at a really good price (just under $60) and is apparently a great value compared to some of the more high end models available on the market. The important thing to note about this model is that is comes in at 700W, this power allows it to dry in a fraction of the time of some of the lower end models and keeps it competitive with the higher end and commercial models.

After opening the box I found some of the accessories I had never noticed. The unit came with two fruit drying

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trays (shown on top right) which can be used to dehydrate stuff that is really wet. We’re talking soups even. I ordered this to be able to make beef jerky but I’m now finding out that it can be used for much more.

The trays were advertised as ‘granite exterior’ but this is really a misnomer. I was expecting a heavier ceramic style tray when they are really more of a lightweight plastic. According to some reviews, care must be taken when washing these in a machine due to the plastic being able to melt. Something to keep in mind.

In addition to the physical product, the Nesco came with some helpful materials in regards to making recipes as well as a starter kit with seasoning for beef jerky. This is definitely a welcome help as I am completely new to food dehydrating as many of you might be as well. There is a full book of recipes that includes everything from meats to fruits to even treats for pets. As for the flavor packets, they will certainly help with the first batch of beef jerky (coming soon on video) but are something I will want to be moving away from ASAP in the interest of my wallet and self sufficiency.

My main concern for this product is that it is practical for the pre-collapse but may draw too much power afterwards. Plans are currently underway for creating a sustainable system through solar thermal and solar PV in my current bug out location so this would make it possible. I will continue to play with this though and hopefully will get a video going so you all can see it in action. Stay tuned for more!


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