Know Your Nutrients: Lysine

Lysine survival

So far we have seen amino acid responsible for the muscles, the brain and even your happiness. Today we will go into the amino acid that literally forms the backbone of all development. Lysine is as critical for development and recovery as it is commonly deficient. Are you missing out one of the important emergency supplies that could help you survive and recover from critical threats in

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Bones and Calcium Metabolism

Lysine is critical to the body’s ability to maintain bone mass in two different ways. First, it is necessary for the body to absorb calcium. The levels of calcium are constantly fluctuating and without a constant influx, osteoporosis will develop. In addition, it seems to be necessary in the cross linking of collagen, an important protein for bones (as well as other connective tissues).

Development and Age

Due to it’s importance in bone metabolism, lysine is a critical nutrient when it comes to development. The amino acid is absolutely essential for the development of children and lack of it has been associated with retarded growth. If you are prepping with young ‘uns, you need to consider this to make sure they grow up big and strong.

Interestingly enough, lysine is also necessary at the other end of the lifecycle. The amino acid has been shown to be protective against many of the ailments suffered by the elderly.

Immune Function

The amino acid has also been shown to help immune function in a number of ways. It has been known as an antiviral for some time, is commonly recommended for people suffering from herpes and has been studied for these effects. In addition, lysine is one of the main components required to create antibodies within the bloodstream. Without antibodies, our white blood cells would not be able to attack foreign materials such as bacteria and debris within the bloodstream.

Vitamin C has been shown to protect lysine in the body, taking these two together will multiply the immune boosting effects of each within the body.

Could you be deficient?

Lysine is one of the amino acids that is difficult to get from a vegan diet. Despite what some gurus might say, plant sources of protein are not an

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appropriate source of lysine. Some of the smarter vegetarian sources have even gone so far as to call it the biggest limiting factor for vegan diets.

When considering a plant based diet for homesteading, in your bug out bag or in your pantry, be sure to consider lysine. In addition to missing out on the important benefits listed above, deficiency has been associated with anemia, weight loss, loss of ability to concentrate, irritability and a host of other problems.


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