Stuff We Like

Believe it or not, we can’t do all of this on our own. Here are some of our favorite resources on the internet and tools for the pursuit of scientific nutrition preparation.


  • Survival Sherpa – An eclectic blend of survival tips, nutrition info and plain old fashioned wisdom, Survival Sherpa’s Todd Walker is one of our favorite blogs to follow.
  • Survival Punk – A fellow paleo prepper, Survival Punk applies the DIY ethos into your daily dose of tactical prepping tips.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple – One of the undisputed heavyweights of the paleo scene, Mark Sisson takes the lifestyle beyond the kitchen to everything from sleep to work to play.


  • 23andMe – One of the most remarkable technologies in personal medicine available today. Find out the genes that are making you tick, which conditions to watch out for and why you are the way you are. Lifetime membership to the growing community of people with your genotype included.
  • Nesco FD-75A – My personal favorite food dehydrator, this 700W beauty offers professional quality dehydration in a fraction of the space. Plenty of racks for big projects and even comes with a starter kit! I make sure to include a batch of grass fed beef jerky in this guy every week.