Survival Foods: Chris Nyerges on High Calorie Plants

Great video from our friend Chris Nyerges and the Dirttime crew about edible plants in a survival scenario. The group brings up some good points. When it comes to survival, subsisting on plants alone is a difficult strategy to sustain. There is simply too much fiber being digested with not enough calories.

The lack of survival foods is true in southern

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California (where they are located) and is even more true the farther north one goes. The ability to continue and recover is limited if you depend solely on the environment.

Another interesting topic brought up is the matter of protein and amino acids. As we know, getting the complete spectrum of essential amino acids is a must when it comes to running your body. Each one is tied to thousands of functions within the body and without them, the ability to perform is limited.

There was an interesting discussion on the use

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of grains and legumes as the subsistence diet of many of the impoverished peoples around

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the world. While both grains and legumes fall squarely in the bad category for a paleo diet, it is definitely worth exploring. Stay tuned for a future blog post.


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by JP Martin