Pass the Rolls: Can GMO Wheat Silence your Genes?


We know how wheat can potentially affect every cell in the body through transglutaminase. We also know how wheat has been changed throughout the years. A fascinating and terrifying article just came across my desk which brings to attention consequences that could be far worse than the effects of transglutaminase.

While lawmakers in the US sign bills to protect Monsanto from investigation, our friends in other developing nations are taking steps to protect their citizens. Australian scientists have taken steps to force investigative action on GMO wheat developed by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. Press conference footage is below:

In a nutshell

Using genetic modification, exposure to toxins and radiation wheat was transformed into the current popular form of dwarf wheat

This quote was taken from my article a few weeks ago on how wheat was changed. Essentially, the ability to force changes in the genome of wheat is partially due to epigenetic mechanisms. Where breeding new forms can take decades, epigenetic modification can be done over a single generation. Bomb the DNA with chemicals, methylate part of the code, and change what is expressed.

It would be so convenient if it weren’t for the fact that these same chemicals work on us.

What this means for you

Did you ever hear the one about humans sharing half their DNA with bananas? It’s an old tidbit that illustrates the fact that we share a lot of genetic code with other living organisms. This is because there aren’t too many chemicals that can be used for energy within cells – glucose, starch, ATP and glycogen. We all run on the same fuel for the most part.

Here’s where it gets scary, if we share the same DNA code, something that modifies that code will work regardless of the organism it’s found in. Professor Heinemann has found over 7 pages of direct matches between the code being modified by wheat which exists in humans. The wheat on store shelves contains these chemicals and can modify that code within your body.

The DNA in question was being modified to change the way that the wheat produced carbohydrate, presumably to create a higher yielding crop. This can change how carbohydrates are produced in the human body as well.

Glycogen is what we convert all carbohydrates into in order to move and function. It is stored in the muscles and liver for use in short burst activity as well as a number of other tasks. It is essential to life. Professor Judy Carman points out that children who lack the enzyme to produce glycogen

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tend to die by the age of five, and adults get sluggish, sick and eventually die. (Sound like anyone you know?)

What to do?

Devil’s advocates, I know you are pointing out that this is taking place in Australia. Don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t happening over here. In a country where the president is protecting corporations instead of the people, it’s likely we’re just not paying attention to it.

If you’ve been waiting to cut out processed wheat here is another reason. People with children should be even more concerned. If you absolutely must eat wheat, be 100% certain you know of its origin. Bargain basement flour for your survival foods store is unlikely to come from a small farmer. Question your sources and stay safe.


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