Pass the Rolls: Wheat and Hunger


Picture this:

The world has ended due to your apocalypse of choice. You are hunkered down in your well stocked and fortified fortress of solitude and need to survive indefinitely. Wisely, you have prepared yourself by stockpiling enough food for you and your loved ones. Somewhere in that bunker you have a limited amount of calories because darnit, you didn’t get a chance to set up your homestead.

You have a choice. Consider how long the stores last, health, and physical fitness

A. Have everyone eat a standard amount of calories

B. Have everyone eat the same amount of calories plus 400 extra per day.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while I hope you chose option A. But the reality of the situation is that the inclusion of wheat has been proven time and time again to have the effect of option B. That’s right, even aside from the calories contained within it, wheat can cause your appetite to increase.

Gliadin and appetite stimulation

According to Dr. William Davis, wheat accounts for an average 400 extra calories consumed per day. There are a number of mechanisms which can account for this.

  1. Addition of the addictive, opiate like exorphins contained in wheat proteins such as gliadin cause a constant drive to seek out wheat products.
  2. High glycemic index carbohydrates such as amylopectin-a cause a spike of blood sugar which, when it falls, will cause the seeking out of more carbohydrates to stabilize energy levels
  3. Lectins contained within wheat have been linked to creating resistance of leptin, the ‘fullness’ hormone.
  4. For the skeptics – wheat is in many products so by allowing for it witihin our diets the options for food available to eat can dramatically increase.

Regardless of the mechanism, the effect over a number of studies has showed a consistent average increase of 400 calories spontaneously consumed while wheat is in the diet. If you’re a fan of the calories in calories out model of weight gain, this would theoretically translate to over 72 lbs of fat gained per year(400 x

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635 / 3500). No surprise that a recent analysis of the China Study’s raw data revealed that wheat consumption was one of the biggest correlations with BMI.

Your choices for survival

Going back to the scenario outlined in the intro, there is serious consideration to be taken when including wheat in your survival foods. The introduction of wheat will force you to deal with higher calorie consumption or chronic hunger . This is in addition to the number of negative health effects we have outlined in the series so far.

In the interest of maintaining health, fitness and sanity you have to make the choice as to whether these are a worthwhile tradeoff for the ease of stockpiling wheat.


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by JP Martin