The Best Survival Food? Big announcement!


So a few weeks ago I made a post about a project I have been working on for the past few months and the day has finally come to announce it. Through my constant research on optimal survival nutrition, I got in touch with this company developing the most efficient form of protein designed specifically for survival situations.

The best survival food?

I came across this small team of highly experienced pharma and biotech guys with 75 years of experience between them that had set their sights on developing amino acid based formulations to help in a number of nutritional deficiencies. Needless to say these guys spoke my language. They had enough of the rat race and decided to start something on their own using the experiences they gathered over the years to build a small totally independent company.

These days there are some really sketchy things going on, quality issues and boneheaded formulas. This group was out to create the best amino acid company in the world.

After getting to know them a bit, I found out that they were preppers themselves! They had designed a product specifically designed for survival to overcome what they couldn’t find in the market. I told them that I had developed one of the most intelligent audiences on the blogosphere interested specifically in nutrition. By the end of the conversation we had discussed the potential for a product that would be the lightest, smallest and highest efficiency protein source available today.

What’s the point?

Three months of protein in a shoebox. That was their promise. I told them that the most important thing for preppers was space, weight and shelf life (more on that later). Protein is the most important macronutrient when it comes to survival but by now we know it’s the hardest to maintain. Meat spoils in a few hours, vegetarian and canned sources are poorly absorbed, and if you miss key amino acids you’re in trouble. If we could take care of the hardest and most important part of the equation, the rest would fall into place.

Those were the specifications they went after. They found a highly efficient protein replacement formula backed up by decades of research that was shown to have the ability to maintain muscle mass when dietary protein is not available. The result? SurvivAMINO, the lightest, smallest and highest efficiency protein source available today.

How does it work?

By now we all know the importance of amino acids. Instead of providing a whole protein source which takes up space, can rot and is possibly inefficienct, SurvivAMINO is made up of pure amino acids. And not just any amino acids. This product only contains the essential amino acids, in ample supply. It contains every amino acid you need to survive, indefinitely.

How do they get it so small? The answer is in efficiency. When you eat protein, your body breaks part of it down into useable amino acids and the rest into sugar and nitrogen waste. The amount that’s used is called the Amino Acid Uptake rate, or AAU. Most over the counter proteins have an AAU of 20% or less. This formula was engineered to maximize AAU and has a 99% AAU rating. So that means that taking 5 grams of this is the same as taking 25 grams of the other stuff. And even better, because there is no nitrogen waste.

It would seem almost too good to be true if it wasn’t backed by over a decade of research. From trials on top level track athletes to dieters, it’s been proven time and time again to be a complete source of protein. My personal favorite: a study in which a woman crossed the Talikmakan Desert of China for ALMOST A MONTH with this formula as the only source of protein.

Other benefits

You can get your 3 month supply and keep it in your trunk for a rainy day and be all set. This stuff is pure amino acids and does not break down or rot like regular food. One bottle is

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enough for up to a week depending on your size and activity levels. So if you have a family of three you’ll be good for at least a month with a 12 bottle box. The essential amino acids are more important for developing children and the elderly, who are physically weaker. I even gave some of this to my 81 year old grandmother who was recovering from a hip injury and she felt better after the first day.

If you subscribe to my idea that the most important item on your bug out bag list is you, there are huge benefits to taking this regularly. This formula has been used for over a decade by top flight triathletes and was a closely guarded secret. If you look into the research, trials have shown muscle gain of up to 2 lbs per week, fat loss and general markers of health. It’s amazing what your body can do when it has the amino acids it needs.

Available for the first time

Up until now, products with this formula have spread only through word of mouth. And you can imagine hyper competitive triathletes aren’t too keen to share their new advantage with friends. People paid quite a bit for this formula in the early days. My friends are taking this formula public and making it available for order online. While they are pretty savvy businessmen they appreciate that providing value to the customers is the most important thing, so they made a few changes.

First, the price has been brought down from the triple digits where it used to be. They needed to make it accessible to the average consumer. Moreover, they’re adding bulk discounts. The three month supply is over 25% off.

Second, they decided to up the ante on the quality of the ingredients. Instead of going the standard route, they went to the best pharmaceutical amino acid producers in the world. These guys provide the same amino acids that are used in IVs in hospitals worldwide. They spared no expense.

Finally, they added a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. If you have any doubts with this formula, try it out on them. If you don’t like it for any reason you’ll get your money back. It’s that simple. They are so confident in the product they’re willing to back it up.

How can I get it?

You might have noticed the banner I’ve put on the side of the site. This is the first time I’m ever doing an advertisement and I’m doing it because I love this product. Full disclaimer, I became an affiliate so if you click on that you’ll be helping me keep the lights on for this blog.

It’s a great product from a great team and I’m starting to use it every day. I took some instead of eating dinner after a rough jiu-jitsu class and I was nowhere near as sore as I should have been. I even give this to my grandma!

Take a look and let me know how if works for you!


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