Doomsday Preppers: Diane and Greg Rogers

Doomsday Preppers Diane Rogers

Diane Rogers has visions of the apocalypse, and that’s ok. Whatever gets you up and prepping in the morning. Because of the indistinct nature of her worries, Diane and her husband Greg are preparing for a wide variety of disasters in order to be ready for just about anything that doomsday preppers could be ready for.

1. Training skills

Greg Rogers wisely states that skills are good to have because they are easy to carry. In a post apocalyptic world, this is an essential consideration for anyone who is interested in bugging out. When it comes to aligning with a group of survivors or trying to integrate into a new community, skills are more valuable for barter than anything you could possibly carry.

Long term survival while bugging out requires a set of skills that are uncommon to say the least. For example, Greg is focusing on skills such as lockpicking and hotwiring cars. With the exception of mechanics, car thieves and some police officers, a skillset like this would be very rare. If society collapsed, any group of survivors would need

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to have someone with those skills on their team.

2. Bug in strategy

That being said, Diane

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and Greg do not seem to have a concrete bug in plan and are focusing on bugging in while living in a relatively populated suburban area. As we all know by this point, this could become a dangerous proposition once neighbors start to get hungry.

National Geographic was critical of this part of the strategy in their assessment of the family’s plan. They presented the option of aligning the neighborhood to the goal of survival. This presents the dilemma of prepping under wraps – do the risks outweigh

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the benefits? With a static food supply being kept in the basement, anyone added on the team is taking away from the days you will have food on the table.

3. Self Defense

Diane and Greg are shown going to the shooting range to try out some handguns. They are intent on getting a Glock 17 due to its prevalence in US police forces and the abundance of 9mm ammo that would be available for scavenging in a post apocalyptic world. There are a few issues with this line of thinking.

The Glock 17 is tricky to recommend to a suburban housewife for a few reasons. First, Glocks do not come with a safety. When learning how to use firearms there is nothing that will set you back quite like shooting yourself in the leg. Second, a number of instructors recommend pistols for a first time shooter. They are much less complex mechanically, do not jam and are easier to maintain.

Also, while 9mm is the most common handgun caliber, this does not mean it is the most common overall. .22LR is incredibly popular at shooting ranges, low cost, and easy to buy in bulk. For stockpiling it would be a cost effective way to stockpile ammunition, and in the event of having to scavenge would be available in huge quantities in almost any sporting goods store.



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