Doomsday Preppers: Doug Huffman

Doomsday Preppers Doug Huffman

Doug Huffman knows a lot about defense from an economic perspective. According to him, he is a raider’s ‘worst nightmare’ and after seeing his compound on the show, I am inclined to agree. His plan is one of the most thorough seen on doomsday preppers

1. Root cellar

The concept of a root cellar should be important to any prepper looking to store food without electricity. Keeping your stores in the basement will not have the same effect as a true root cellar, which has the advantages of keeping a low temperature and steady level of humidity. For your bug out location or homestead, the maximum level of temperature

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and humidity stability can be reached at a depth of about 10 feet. It may be difficult to do this by hand so consider building while the infrastructure is still around.

2. Renewable food sources

In addition to storing food long term, Doug has wisely thought about renewable food sources. Doug is planning on garrisoning his homestead with a number of young trainees. Having stored food would put him in the dilemma of choosing how long he wanted to eat versus how protected he wanted to be. Renewable food sources will allow him to feed his squad and take on newcomers if he has to.

The concept of rabbits as a source of food is very intriguing. One of the facts mentioned on the show is that a single breeding female can produce 320 lbs of meat in a year through offspring! Looking into this a bit more deeply I found that rabbits will produce 6 lbs of meat on the same amount of feed and water required for a cow

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to produce 1 lb of meat. For these reasons rabbit meat is a very ecologically sound source of protein and definitely one to consider for the aspiring homesteader.

Another interesting use of rabbits is as a generator of heat

3. Defense plan

Doug has a very thorough defense plan that makes a lot of sense when it comes to his particular mix of food sources. Instead of directly taking on all comers, he is planning to allow any trespassers on to his land, while using his special forces training to pick them off one by one. Doug mentioned that he is an invader’s worst nightmare, and by picking off intruders one by one anyone on his land would feel like they were in a horror movie.

With a number of recruits by his side, Doug is well armed against the less savory human element which might arise after the collapse of the food system. With the level of training he is taking them through there is no doubt each of them would be able to assume a similar strategy, hiding out in plain sight or in a spider hole and coming back at night to pick off the intruders. While the show criticized the potential loss of supplies on hand, this is ignoring the fact that most of the food available is indeed renewable.

3. Rabbits as renewable resources

4. Root Cellar

5. Survival: let them take it and hide, take it back

6. Returning at night: (night vision) – taking people out w/in 24 hours

7. Scum vs. communities (good vs. bad)

8. Team preparation

9. “I am your worst nightmare”


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