Doomsday Preppers: Larry Hall

Doomsday Preppers Larry Hall

I’m drooling. After seeing this segment on Doomsday Preppers I’m never going to be able to look at a shipping

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container fortress the same again.

1. Missle condos

Larry has just about done the impossible and created an end of the world location that is impervious to seemingly any form of calamity. With 9 foot thick concrete walls there is almost no force that nature or man could

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throw at him. Built to literally withstand the force of a nuclear strike, missile silos are the definition of a hardened location. This is particularly relevant when it comes to any threat from an EMP strike.

After doing some research, I discovered that Larry eventually came into the silo business during a stint in the telecommunications industry. In order to protect data centers in the days after 9/11 he purchased the silo unit with the intent of storing critical business information. This strategy exists to an extent today with a plan for servers inside the compound which will take regular ‘snapshots’ of the internet in order to preserve the data in the event of a collapse. A very important consideration for future generations, who will hopefully be using the sage wisdom on this site to prevent damage from mycotoxins.

2. Supplies

When finished, Larry will have over 5 years of food at 2500 calories per day for 70 people. Wow. That is just about the biggest store I’ve ever heard of. Unfortunately, it’s also the biggest store that anyone watching national geographic over the past year has heard of

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Thankfully, Larry has some 10,000 rounds of ammunition, an incredibly hardened entrance as well as extensive perimeter defenses. It doesn’t matter if the fountain of youth was hidden in that silo, even if overwhelmed, no amount of small arms fire would be able to knock down that entrance. While it is likely people would be aware of the food stores, the very likely outcome of injury or death would make it a bad choice.

3. Bugging out

This is one of the few situations in which I would say that bugging out isn’t a necessary strategy. If there was something on the other side of the blast door, they could literally wait years until they went away. Starving them out is a very realistic option.

4. Impenetrable?

If I were a raider in control of an angry mob of killers, how would I get a hold of the precious food within this silo? It wouldn’t be impossible. First, the outer perimeter security would have to be eliminated, which would be possible if my band were large enough. The weak point would not come in assaulting the main blast door but by cutting off the air supply.

According to the site, the air is fed through NBC filters (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) that are protected by blast valves that protect from shockwaves (such as from a nuclear detonation. They may have food to last for 5 years but who knows how much air? By blocking the air valves it would be possible to ‘smoke out’ the occupants.

The only way this could be overcome would be through including liquid oxygen like on the space shuttle or by making a closed loop system with oxygen and CO2. This would greatly reduce the livable space of the silo but would theoretically create a mini-ecosystem that recycled oxygen.



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